SEO & Social Media Strategy

How SEO gets along with Social Media

Recently, I have read an in-depth report on factors that affect SEO. After I digested it, my conclusion relies on: relevancy and comprehensiveness of content are the most important. As people will share great content, thus benefit your brand building online.

When you select a SEO specialist to help on reaching first page of search engines, you have to be very careful. They must have experience in both technical SEO and social media marketing.

I have seen many companies paying for link-building service on a bunch of unknown websites (for robots to read) that the SEO company won’t tell you. They will plant the keywords and inbound link, hoping to improve the ranking of your site. In a transparent world nowadays, this type of strategy is fading out. Although it may help to rank some web pages onto Google, what if you get penalized by Google? Do you think your web pages can still show up on Google? On the other hand, many brands hire PR co to ensure the marketing awareness of their new products through digital media.

This is why, as a digital marketing agency with over 10 years of experience in content and SEO, we have launched a White Hat SEO Program. It integrates on-page SEO, SEO friendly content, social media marketing, and use digital media as well.