Higher SEO Ranking

This page describes our methodology use to improve SEO ranking on SERP.

Keyword Research:

The purpose of keyword research is to brainstorm as many words as we can, that relate to your company’s brand. We will going through all the possible keywords and identifying 30-50 keywords that will increase your website traffic the most.

Competitor Research:

We will help you to outrank your competitors. We will analyze the websites and keywords of your competitors.

Keyword Mapping:

We will identify aspects of your website that require optimization. Then draft the mapping of keywords onto your website’s pages for your approval. Upon approval, we will execute the mapping.

Keyword Selection for Landing Pages:

From landing pages to blog articles, we will select the best keywords favored by search engines. We will also use professional analytical software regularly to track your website performance, comparing it with the rest of the internet.

Note: The whole process from keyword research to mapping will take around 2 weeks, depends on the complexity and size of the website. A detailed benchmark report will be provided.

Technical Audit:

After the completion of keyword mapping, we will proceed with the technical auditing of your website to ensure that all nuts and bolts aspects are functioning and up to standard. The aspects checked will include (but not limited to) meta information, brand visibility, site speed, website security, technical problems, non-existent pages and gaps in content. We can audit up to 30 pages in this stage.

Technical Implementation:

Next, we will focus on the technical optimization of the website to modify it to most comply with the current search engine algorithm. We will also enhance its capacity to prep it in handling the soon increased traffic.

Note: This process of technical auditing and implementation will take around 2 weeks depending on the complexity and size of website. A detailed benchmark report will be provided.

With the preliminary steps of on-site optimization complete, we will begin building content and acquire links by featuring your brand on high authority websites and blogs. This process include:

Site’s Popularity:

Increasing the authority and popularity of your website.

Content Creation:

We will create fresh content on your website every month to maintain your brand’s relevancy and ranking.

Get Exposure:

We will feature your brand on high-quality websites and blogs.

Link Building:

We will cultivate high links from high authority websites to reinforce your brand’s expertise.

Note: Google loves websites with high popularity and authority and soon, you will be one of them!

Frequent Strategy Review:

We review the current strategy every week to make sure that it conforms with the newest search engine algorithm.

Monthly Report:

At the end of each month, You will receive a detailed report via email indicating all actions performed and achieved within the period.

Constant Communication:

Your website is our priority and an experienced SEO specialist will be assigned to your case to maintain constant communication and answer every query you have.